The MSN Guarantee

MSN Green life is well known fraternities opening since 2014 that offers premium quality coco products to different industries with factories in Sri Lanka. We offer a highly reliable supply chain that delivers quality guaranteed products all over the world.

MSN Advantages

MSN is one of the well-known facilities which offers premium range of quality coco products to different industries.

The scientific name for coconut is Cocos nucifera. Early Spanish explorers called it coco, which means "monkey face" because the three indentations (eyes) on the hairy nut resembles the head and face of a monkey. Nucifera means "nut-bearing". Coconut is the most widely grown plantation crop in Sri Lanka, and one of the three “Cash Crops”.

MSN Green life, the Sri Lankan leader in coir media, has been setting the standard for value added commercial quality coir products. Only with MSN Green life do you get:

  • Extensive Pre-Sales Technical Consultations
  • Quality Guaranteed Coir Products
  • Value added Coir products with right application instruction

MSN Quality Assurance

Our quality measures are of stringent standards and are not compromised at any point. Since we supply to reputed buyers and regions such as Europe and American continent we maintain and adhere to all aspects of quality from the raw material purchase to delivery of the end product.

Our factories are equipped with in house laboratories and qualified technicians to foresee all matters related to quality control before, during and after production and also have obtained the following certifications.

Our primary motive is to assure and provide high quality products for our valued customs. Our team of highly qualified experts look into every detail of our facility and production protocol to ensure that every facet of our line of products will always be of top brand premium quality. We provide nothing but the best to our customers.


MSN Green life is involved in continuous R&D activities to produce novel value-added coco products. Innovation has been a key strength of the company thus enabling entry into profitable niche markets.

Fully equipped R&D laboratories with qualified engineers are fully engaged in Process & product improvement activities in order to deliver the right product to the market. Innovation has been a key strength of the company thus enabling entry into new markets and ensuring that we always remain as the Coconut Centre of Excellence.

Grow Bags

Coir Grow Bags contain a blend of coco peat and coco chips. Selected raw materials are blended and compressed into a standard ratio to make slabs for the required size.

This is the most desirable medium that is currently available in the market to grow in a soil-free environment. The growers are at present moving away from the 100% soil medium causing an increase in demand for Pure coco and high-quality Hydroponic Grow Bags.

There are many advantages in using grow bags.

They are the best medium for quick vegetation, quicker root establishment, user and environmentally friendly, optimizes the use of water and fertilizer, convenient for transportation and storage, and can be bought for a reasonable price

They are ideal for commercial nurseries, greenhouses, and home gardens.

They are the best medium ever to cultivate

Vegetables: Tomatoes, bell pepper, capsicum, Japanese and Chinese cucumber, ginger, strawberry, chilies, mushrooms, courgettis, melons, rice, and many other plants

Cut flowers: carnations, gerbera daisies, roses.

Available Sizes 100 x 15 x 18 cm
100 x 18 x 10 cm
100 x 20 x 10 cm
Packing LDP/HDP Printed Bags with UV (As customer request)
Volume Change with plank size
Loaderbility Change with plank size

Coco Blocks

Coco Blocks are made of compressed coco peat and coir fiber materials. These blocks can be customized to different mixtures to suit the buyer's growing requirements. Coco chips and crushed coco can be added to these block mixtures if required.

Size 30 x 30 x 10 cm
Weight 5kg
Packing Pallet packing / Floor Loading
Volume 65L – 70L
Loaderbility 5100 Bales per 40HC Container

COCO Gerbera Disks

Coco gerbera disks are made by compressing the 100% pure organic coco husk chips, in a disk with round shape dies to make a flat cylinder-shaped product. These disks are available in various diameters.

Coco chips disks moisturize easily and have good water retention abilities. They are biodegradable during any stage of the product life cycle.

The Disks have plenty of advantages such as being more sustainable and environmentally friendly, requiring less water, Rapid germination rate and air porosity, Customizable dimensions and size, rapid and dense rooting with no re-irrigation issues.

The disks are ideal for growing, flowering, and planting. It can also be used in seed trays for seed germination.

Coco Chip Bales

Coco husk chips are chopped and cut from the coconut husk and arranged into cubes of regular shapes. These chips are available in plenty of different sizes, depending on the application. The chips can be used as an individual growing medium or can be mixed with other coco/coir materials such as coco peat, coir fiber and crushed coco to formulate a mix. These chips have the ability to improve the air porosity in the medium and control water retention.

More Benefits:

  • Extensive Pre-Sales Technical Consultations
  • Quality Guaranteed Coir Products
  • Value added Coir products with right application instruction
Size 30 x 30 x 10 cm
Weight 4.5kg
Husk Size 0 – 8mm, 6 – 18mm and above 18mm
Packing Pallet packing / Floor Loading
Volume 55L – 60L
Loaderbility 4400 Bales per 40HC Container

Coco Peat Bales

These bales consist of lesser compressed and loosened coco material which can be used for multiple applications depending on the growth requirement. The bales can be made into different mixtures by increasing or decreasing the percentage of coir fiber present within the mix. We can add coco chips or crushed materials depending on the requirement. They help in increasing fertilizer and irrigation efficiency.

25kg 500kg 1 Ton
Size 33 x 45 x75 cm 110 x 110 x 125 cm 110 x 110 x 250 cm
Moisture 40% - 50% 40% - 50% 40% - 50%
Volume 200L 2600 – 2800L 5500 – 6000L
Packing LDP/HDP Printed Bags LDP/HDP Printed Bags LDP/HDP Printed Bags
Loaderbility 640 Bales per 40 HC Container 40 Bales per 40 HC Container 20 Bales per 40 HC Container

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